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brum brum co2

It all started few years ago, when I bought few motors from ebay and local model maker. Mostly I just run them without model until I showed engine to my 9 month old son. He was so impressed with sound and spinning propeller, that I decided to create “simple“ free flight model plane. It took me about two weeks to finish model.

Model is all made from balsa leftovers and completely covered with japan tissue paper. I builded model mostly without plans, only for wing I used Compufoil 3D software. Fuselage is mostly made out of balsa wood, only firewall, wing and elevator support are made out of 1mm thick aero plywood. Most of frame is made from 3x3mm and 1,5x3mm spars glued with CA glue. For engine attachment I used aluminum nuts inserted in plywood,for setting angle on elevator I also used M2 nut and screw.

Rudder is 3mm balsa sheet sanded to symmetrical airfoil and covered with tissue and 3 coats of “spannlack”.

Elevator ribs are from 1mm balsa with spruce spar and 3mm balsa tips and leading edge spar. For trailing edge i used 2mm balsa sanded to triangle shape.

Wings took me little more time, since I had to cut 9 pairs of ribs for wingtips and 2 different sets of ribs for central part of polyhedral wing. For main spar I used 2x3mm spruce spar.

Since I had too much of free time I decided to polish engine and CO2 tank. I used at least 12-15 years old Gasparin GMOT GM120 engine.

Completely finished model weights 55,8g, engine itself weights with tank and propeller 19,5g.

Model had so far about 15 flights. CO2 engine is providing more than enough power. Model glides very well and it is very stable. Dethemalizer made out of cotton string  works perfectly. It burns around 10mm/min. For test flights I used about 30mm long just in case model catches thermals.

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Free flight plane with CO2 engine